For Your Home May 4, 2021

Quarantine-Friendly Ways to Update Your Outdoor Space

7 ways to make your backyard or patio feel like an oasis during quarantine.

The past year has been a blur of Zoom calls, virtual classes, countless attempted sourdoughs, and certainly a lot of squabbling for the best spot on the couch. So, if you have a backyard or even a sliver of a patio during quarantine, consider yourself very lucky.

Here, we’re sharing a few ways to transform your backyard space into the perfect spot for working, hanging, and entertaining (even if it’s just you).


(Image: Sunset)

Create a Zen Home Office-Meets-Entertaining Space

By now, the novelty of working from home has certainly diminished. For many of us, our “office” is a cramped kitchen table or, sometimes, bed.

If you have an outdoor space, consider transforming it with an outdoor table and cabana set-up. Not only will you get a chance to breathe in some fresh air, but you’ll create an inviting space to enjoy after the workday is done.


(Image: Unsplash)

Add Some Mood Lighting

Shift your space from day to night with a bit of light. It seems simple enough, but adding some string lights or a unique color light setup adds just the right touch of ambiance to your space.

If you’re looking for something more dramatic, the Cabana X (featured above) comes with built-in lights that change colors based on music and voice, or can be updated manually. Bonus: It keeps the kiddos entertained for hours.


(Image: Jasmin Perez)

Start an Herb Garden

If you don’t have space (or patience) for a full-on garden bed, opt for small pots filled with your favorite herbs and put them on display near your grilling station. If you’re short on space, start with the top three herbs you use and build as needed.


(Image: Morgan Satterfield)

Invest in a Cowboy Pool

These pop-up pools are a fun and inexpensive way to cool down during the hot summer months. If you’re planning on leaving the tank full all summer long, add chlorine tablets or invest in a small pump and aerator to keep the water clean. Another tip: Get a cover to keep pesky mosquitoes at bay. Trust us, it’s worth it!


(Image: Alison Bernier)

Go for Comfy Seating

Whether you’re using your outdoor area to take back-to-back Zoom calls or kick back with a glass of wine after a long week, the right seating can make or break your experience.

For multi-use, opt for the largest table you can easily fit into your space––it will serve your work-to-evening needs. If you have room, introduce a pair of cozy chairs for when you’re in full relaxation mode.


(Image: Thomas J. Story)

Add Bright Flowers and Plants

Simply planting a colorful plant or displaying a few planters can make your backyard or patio space infinitely more enjoyable. Opt for easy care and drought-tolerant plants like bougainvillea, agave, or succulents.


(Image: Margaret Austin)

A Dreamy Outdoor Sauna

We can’t think of a more luxurious backyard addition than an infrared sauna. Sweat out toxins, loosen tight muscles, and hopefully forget about the pandemic for a few minutes.


This post originally appeared on SUNSET  – September 11, 2020 | Updated March 4, 2021